1In Kids Boat Summer UK3 Women'S Heel Cowhide Casual 1 Wedge Comfort Shoes White Big 3 EU36 4In Comfort Fall US4 PdwxqHBd

1In Kids Boat Summer UK3 Women'S Heel Cowhide Casual 1 Wedge Comfort Shoes White Big 3 EU36 4In Comfort Fall US4 PdwxqHBd

26 March 2017
door Regina Coeli

Heel 3 Kids Fall UK3 Wedge 4In White Casual US4 Women'S 1In Boat Big Summer Comfort 1 Comfort Cowhide Shoes EU36 People learning Italian sometimes use the words ‘buono’ and ‘bene’ incorrectly. They associate ‘buono’ with eating well and ‘bene’ with how good the food is. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in Italian as the following examples clearly show:

  • Le chiacchiere sono buone = the chiacchiere are good
  • Ho mangiato bene = I have eaten well

Grammar rules

What is the difference then? The answer is simple if we look at the grammar:

  • 1 Comfort 3 Kids Fall 1In Shoes Wedge Boat Big 4In Casual White Summer EU36 Heel UK3 Cowhide Comfort Women'S US4 ‘buono’ is an adjective (aggettivo) which says something about a noun;
  • ‘bene’ is an adverb (avverbio) which says something about a verb. Both ‘avverbio’ and ‘adverb’ come from the Latin ‘adverbium’ which literally means ‘in relation to the verb’.

So, ‘buono’ is always used with a noun and ‘bene’ with a verb.


UK3 Shoes Fall Kids Heel Big Casual Summer Comfort EU36 US4 Women'S 4In Cowhide White 1 1In Boat Wedge Comfort 3 Carla è una buona segretaria.  (Carla is a good secretary) 
 Oggi Carla ha lavorato bene.  (Today Carla has worked well)
 La maestra è molto buona.  (The teacher is very good)
 La maestra tratta bene i bambini.  (The teacher treats the children well)
 Gianni è un musicista buono.  (Gianni is a good musician)
 Gianni suona bene.  (Gianni plays well)


E ora tocca a voi! (And now it’s your turn!) 

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I ragazzi studiano ……………………   (The boys are studying ............)
 Carlo è uno studente …………………   (Carlo is a …………….. student)
 Mia madre è una …………….. cuoca.   (My mother is a ………….. cook)
 Mia madre cucina …………………….   (My mother cooks ………………)


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